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We encourage our guests to choose train travel as an alternative to flying wherever possible. Switching to rail can be the most important single thing an individual can do to cut their carbon footprint. The benefits of rail travel go beyond simply reducing your carbon footprint as CO2 emitted into the upper atmosphere is thought to be two or three times as damaging to the environment than the same amount emitted at ground level.

You can compare the energy consumption, CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts for planes, cars and trains at eco passenger

As we focus on travel within Europe many of our trips can be reached using train travel. Some other benefits train travel has are:

• Train travel can reduce the stress by travelling in comfort and avoiding airports.
• Train travel can reduce the carbon footprint of travel by up to 80% over flying.
• Train travel can be an adventure allowing you to stop at Europe’s cultural capitals pre-or-post trip.



The Eurail web site helps visitors plan rail journeys across Europe.
The site shows average travel times between all the large European cities including to Rewilding Europe Travel trip gateways such as Porto, Rome, Inverness, Split, Sofia, Tallinn, Ljubljana, Stockholm, Luleå and Kiruna.

The Man in Seat 61 is an excellent web resource for train travel in Europe. The site provides information on the best routes, times and fares from London to all major destination in Europe and between the main cities in Europe –

Two other comprehensive rail planning and fare booking services throughout Europe are:
Rail Europe
The Train Line

The German Railways web site DB allows visits to check timetables throughout Europe.

Austrian Railways offers a comprehensive night sleeper service called Nightjet Trains with the web site showing a comprehensive range of sleeper services throughout Europe –

The Italian Thello Sleeper links Paris with Milan with connections to Rome –

For services in Sweden SJ the national train service offers a comprehensive trip planning and ticketing service at

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