At Rewilding Europe Travel, we have a passion for rewilding and the positive impact it brings through wilder nature, biodiversity restoration, climate change mitigation and the benefits of livelihood development through sustainable travel.

We believe that travel if done the right way can be a force for good that can actively help change the planet for the better. We want to help transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. To become a leader in the regenerative economy Rewilding Europe Travel aims to become a Certified B Corp as soon as possible.

Our small group trips provide a direct positive economic impact to the communities in and around rewilding landscapes. We are mindful that too much tourism can also create negative impacts for the environment and host communities and support destination partners efforts to create Sustainable Management Systems.

“Rewilding breathes life back into our landscapes. It helps us reconnect with the wonders of Europe’s spectacular wild nature. It is our best hope for a future where people and nature not only co-exist, but flourish”.



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