Rewilding retreats

Making Europe a Wilder place


Do you want to know more about rewilding and at the same time experience some of Europe’s wildest landscapes?

We can arrange private retreats that connect you to nature and immerse you in rewilding landscapes – combining wild nature with immersive cultural experiences and exceptional local gastronomy. 

We can arrange exclusive accommodations, from Scotland’s spectacular Affric Highlands, to Italy’s wild Central Apennines and the rugged highlands of Portugal’s Greater Côa Valley. 

Our selected retreat destinations share speedy access from international air and rail gateways such as Inverness, Porto and Rome.

Families, Special Events and Celebrations

For extended family groups we can arrange exclusive ‘take over’ of small hotels or stay on estates that have multi-room cottages and clustered accommodations; and we can craft exclusive programmes offering immersive rewilding experiences and activities.

Corporate Workshops and Study Trips

For corporate groups we can craft a range of immersive learning experiences around the value of natural capital and the role rewilding plays in nature recovery, biodiversity restoration, climate mitigation/carbon storage and building nature-based income streams for local communities.

Wildlife, wine, whisky and gastronomy

Imagine a tutored vintage port and wine tasting at the Symington Family Estate of Quinta da Bomfim in the Douro Valley followed by an amazing gastronomic experience at Bomfim 1896 with chef Pedro Lemos. Stay on a small, exclusive wine estate at the confluence of the Douro and Côa Rivers and enjoy excursions to key rewilding sites and nearby wineries.

Stay in a luxurious and spacious log cabin on a private estate in the Affric Highland and enjoy Michelin starred dining at Rocpool Restaurant in Inverness or enjoy a superb local produce and catered dining in a wild setting of your choice.  The Glen Ord Distillery is close to the Affric Highlands or travel a little further afield to enjoy a whisky experience at Tomatin, Glenmorangie, Glenlivet or Glenfiddich Distilleries.

Enjoy a night in Rome before a short, scenic drive into the wildlands of the Central Apennines. Stay in a remote and secluded hideaway enjoy the fine local wines and gastronomy, and in the evening take a walk to hear wolves howl at sunset.

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