Velebit Mountains

The wild west if the adriatic coast

Imagine trekking through Paklenika National Park, the vast Lika Plains and the 2000 square kilometer Velebit Nature Park. While there we’ll explore deep limestone canyons, learn about reintroduced of Tauros and Konik horses at Lika and hope for chance encounters and trek to mountain vistas that give spectacular views to the nearby islands of the Dalmatian Coast.


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Velebit Mountains

If there was a symbol for Croatian nature, it would surely be the Velebit mountain range. Stretching from the edge of the Adriatic Sea to peaks of 1750 metres, this 145-kilometre long massif is one of the most biodiverse areas in the Balkans.

Studded with beech and pine forests, underground canyons, caves and waterfalls, the region’s eclectic mix of unique habitats are home to some of Europe’s most rare and elusive wildlife, such as Balkan chamois, brown bear, wolf and lynx. There are over 100 bird species too, including golden eagles, peregrine falcon and white-backed woodpecker.

Velebit Mountains Croatia map

Rewilding vision

For each rewilding landscape Rewilding Europe has developed an inspiring vision that shows their ambition for the next ten years. Together with their local partners they work to make this vision a reality.

Drawing Velebit Mountains by Jeroen Helmer / Ark Nature

Rewilding forests

In collaboration with the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Forestry, the Rewilding Velebit team are working to have the Ramino Korito old-growth beech forest, located in the southern part of Velebit Mountains, designated a special woodland reserve. Ramino Korito is an important ecological hotspot in the growing network of protected forests in the Rewilding Velebit area, and its designation will highlight its rarity and and biological value. This, in turn, will positively impact the number of visitors and thereby boost the area’s nature-based economy.

The Velebit Mountains chain has, together with the most suitable of its surrounding lowlands and marine areas, been established as one of the finest, wildest, largest, best protected and most famous wildlife and wilderness areas in Mediterranean Europe. The area thereby provides new sources of income and pride for the people who live here, as well as for Croatia as a nation. Velebit inspires people in adjacent areas that have similar natural settings, to also approach their problems and opportunities using rewilding as a tool.
Greater Côa Valley frog
Greater Côa Valley frog

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