Swedish Lapland

Take a voyage through Europe’s Alaska

Ringed by the Arctic Circle and bordered by Norway, Finland and the Baltic Sea, Swedish Lapland extends across the top quarter of Sweden. Frequently referred to as “Europe’s Alaska”, the region is home to the Sámi – the European Union’s only indigenous people – who call Lapland Sápmi.

Sámi communities have been stewards of Sápmi for millennia, seasonally migrating their reindeer herds between the protected forest of the coast and the high mountains on the border with NorwayToday their culture and traditional lifestyle is under threat from a wide range of development pressures and climate change.

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Swedish Lapland

Lapland is often referred to as Europe’s last great wilderness, yet the Sámi prefer to refer to their home as a living landscape where reindeer and Sámi culture are ever present. During the dark winter months temperatures plummet and the spectacular Aurora Borealis is a magnet for visitors from all over the world. Our trips combine an exhilarating range of winter adventures with remote lodging, Sámi culture, refreshing saunas and memorable wildlife encounters. Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

During the summer months our focus shifts south to the abundant wildlife of the Boreal Forests of Central Sweden. Here our focus is on the wildlife tracking, birding, canoeing and close encounters with the moose, beaver and wolf.

Rewilding vision

For each rewilding landscape Rewilding Europe has developed an inspiring vision that shows their ambition for the next ten years. Together with their local partners they work to make this vision a reality.

Rewilding Efforts

Rewilding Lapland is now working hard to boost fish migration, through activities such as spawning ground restoration and the removal of artificial obstacles such as damsRewilding Europe is soon to implement a two million euro grant from the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment aimed at enhancing the commercial viability of peatland rewilding at a landscape level. One of the two peatland rewilding pilot projects is expected to be in the Swedish Lapland rewilding landscape.

Swedish Lapland – Sápmi – has become known as the untamed northern wild natural area of Europe, home to the Sami people, charismatic species and natural treasures. It is a vast landscape connecting the Atlantic with the Baltic Sea through some of Europe’s wildest rivers. It is famous for its abundance of big elk living together with bears, wolverines and lynx, big reindeer herds migrating between the mountains and through the largest remaining tracts of old-growth taiga forests left in Europe, the snow-capped mountains and glaciers, and where three of Europe’s largest untamed rivers remain free-flowing.
Greater Côa Valley frog

Trips to Swedish lapland

Greater Côa Valley
Signature Adventure
Wildlife & wolf howling of central Sweden
Greater Côa Valley
Signature winter Adventure
Tjaunajokk, ‘The mountains of Sàpmi in winter’
Greater Côa Valley flowers
Signature winter Adventure
Aurora borealis & wildlife in Swedish Lapland

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