Photo expedition

Rhodope Mountains

Wildlife of the Rhodopes

with Bogdan Boev


£ 1,895



Fitness level


Group size

Min 3, max 4


Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria


£ 1,895

Fitness level




Group size

Min 3, max 4


Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Bogdan Boev- Bulgaria-Rhodopes
Bogdan Boev- Bulgaria-Rhodopes
Bogdan Boev- Bulgaria-Rhodopes
Bogdan Boev- Bulgaria-Rhodopes
Bogdan Boev- Bulgaria-Rhodopes
Bogdan Boev- Bulgaria-Rhodopes

photo expedition into the Rhodopes with a local expert photographer

Our photography trip focuses on the riverine habitat of the Thracian Plain and the spectacular Rhodope Mountains, one of Rewilding Europe’s Flagship Landscapes.

The landscape is known for its volcanic cliffs, which are home to a host of birds of prey
such as golden eagle, griffon vulture and Egyptian vulture, joined by the majestic wolf
populations. Common buzzards, ravens, peregrine falcon, long-legged buzzards, nutcrackers and jays also join often the feasting party, along with foxes, golden jackals and many more wildlife species.
The forest birds hides are located in the beautiful wetlands and woodlands along the
migration routes by the Maritsa river, which runs to the north of the Rhodope Mountains.

About your guide: Bogdan Boev

Bogdan Boev was born in 1982 in the town of Dimitrovgrad, in Southeastern Bulgaria. After a successful career in professional basketball he focused on his hobby-turned passion-turned-work: Photography.

“Years of experience have taught me that each of us can play an important role in nature conservation, so I was determined to create the best conditions for great wildlife shots, providing comfort for the photographer and taking care to minimize the disturbance for wildlife at the same time.”

“With time I realized that through my photographs I can contribute personally to nature conservation. Donate some of my shots to a variety of nature conservation causes ; publish wildlife photographs in social media to create awareness; and guide people into the Rhodopes to inspire them.”

Day 1 Arrival in the Rhodopes

Arrival in Plovdiv or Sofia airport, you will be welcomed and we will drive to our accommodation in Madzharovo for eagle photography.
Unless flights are very late, we can do a walk in the Arda river area around the BSPB Vulture Conservation Centre and go for a sunset photo session on top of the Madzharovo rocks.

Day 2-4  THREE PHOTOGRAPHY DAYS – Eastern Rhodope Mountains

After an early breakfast, we transfer to the hides in the heart of the mountain range. We leave the hotel around 05:00 am. The transportation to the hides is by 4×4 off-road vehicle, which stops a few meters from the hides. Occasionally, in extremely heavy road conditions this won’t be possible, and photographers would need to walk around 30 min. After the last photo day at the eagles hide, we will leave for our accommodation in Dimitrovrad, 1.5 hours ride (85km)

Day 5-7 THREE photo days in Maritsa Valley

We have breakfast and leave for the hides in Maritsa valley.

The transportation to the hides is by 4×4 off-road vehicle, which stops a few meters from the hides. We are very flexible and create a custom plan for each day according to travelers’
preferences and target species. Often the group splits into different hides to accommodate
individual tastes.

Day 8 Departure
After breakfast, depending on flight schedules, we can have a morning photo session (birds or landscape) or we leave directly for the airport. 


May 13-20, 2023

June  18-25, 2023

 What’s included

  • Accommodation
  • Full Board Meals
  • Experienced Wildlife Photographer Tour Guide
  • Fees for hides, and access to hides.
  • All transportation to and from airports, hides, and locations

 Not included 

  • Gratuities.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Flights
  • Any activities not listed on the itinerary
  • Personal trip and medical insurance.


Accommodation (Madzharovo, 3 nights)
Accommodation is provided in the heart of the mountains, at the BSPB Vulture
Conservation Centre. The rooms are recently renovated with their private en suite bathrooms, every photographer is in a separate room (no sharing unless specifically requested). Breakfast and dinner are provided at the Centre, prepared for you by locals from local ingredients. The food is delicious and the portion sizes are generous. Packed lunch is provided for the hide.

Accommodation (Dimitrovgrad, 4 nights)
Accommodation is in a nice newly built hotel , in individual single rooms. Rooms have their own private bathrooms. For the meals, we have a choice of different local family owned places for lunch and dinner.

 Special Dietary Requirements

Vegan, vegetarian, Gluten-free and other allergy free meal options are available on request. Please inform us of your dietary requirements in advance of travel.

What to bring

Please be aware that this trip will be spent mainly inside photographic hides for many hours.
Temperatures can be low outside, so warm clothing and several layers is a must, including windproof clothes for the lake. Inside the hides it will be warm and cosy, so be prepared to remove layers.
A good head torch is a must.

  • Rain proof jacket and trousers.
  • Long sleeved tops and trousers.
  • Shorts and layered clothing for day walks.
  • Fleece or warm sweater and hat for cooler evenings.
  • Hiking boots, or hiking shoes.
  • Thermal underwear for nights in the Bear Hide.
  • Extra underwear and socks.
  • Head lamp with extra batteries.
  • Swimming trunks/suit and towel.
  • Electricity adaptor (Europlug type c and F 230 volts).
  • Personal water bottle and any favourite snacks and personal medication.

Recommended  photo equipment

For golden eagles hide the best lenses are 400 to 600mm, 100-400mm, 150-600mm, 300mm
2.8 (with x1.4 x2 teleconverters), 200-400mm.

Cameras: fast (7-12fps) full-frame cameras with good high ISO performance are the best, fast
fps crop sensor cameras are good as well.

Forest hides, temporary hides and roller tower: for small songbirds such as tits, nightingales,
robin – 400-500 mm lenses; for larger, as woodpeckers, doves, hawks – 300 mm lens.

Examples: 100-300 zoom, 150-600 zoom, 200-400, 200-400 + 1.4x built in converter,
300mm f2.8 with 1.4 and 2x converter, 400mm f2.8 with 1.4 and 2x converter, 500mm f4
with 1.4x converter.

For landscapes – a wide-angle lens is necessary, also a macro lens might come useful.
You will need a tripod for the eagle hide, temporary wetland hides, and landscape

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